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History of the Syring Cemetery

On June 3, 1897 Valentin Kunz bought this property from the estate of Captain John W Lawhon.

In 1902 twin boys were born to Albert and Anna Kunz Wengenroth (a daughter of Valentin Kunz.) One of them, Oscar, died two months later and was buried at this location.

In Feb 1920 Margaretha Kunz Scharmann (another daughter of Valentin Kunz) died and was buried here. Four months later her husband, John Scharmann, committed suicide and was buried here, leaving five children orphaned.

Then in Sep 1921 an infant son of Nickolaus and Eva Kunz Syring (another daughter of Valentin Kunz) died and was buried here.

There is also a large tombstone (a concrete cross) here for Nic Syring. Although he was originally buried here, in 1928 his remains were moved to St. Joseph's Honey Creek Cemetery #2 where he is buried next to his wife.

In 1990 the property was deeded to A & VK LTD by the last of the Kunz heirs.

These graves are on private property belonging to A & VK LTD.

The location is: Latitude: 29.92225, Longitude: -98.52175