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Cleanup of the Edge Cemetery


William B. Edge Reunion


Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019

Time: 9:00 AM

 At this point mowers are not necessary. String trimmers, however, may be useful in a few areas. This year it would be helpful to concentrate on picking up rocks and cutting dead trees and limbs. To that end digging bars, chain saws, loppers, pruning saws, wheel barrows, ladders, and pruning paint (actually any latex paint for any wounds on live oak and Spanish oak trees) are necessary. A lot of firewood can be carried away by each person who brings a pickup. If the burn ban is still off we can burn any brush piles we create. We will soon have the most beautiful cemetery in the county.


William B. Edge Reunion

Date:  Saturday, June 29, 2019

Time: 9:00AM till 2:00PM, lunch at noon

Place:  Kendalia Community Center, 2610 Hwy. 473

What to bring:

1.    Two dishes: meat, side dish, or dessert.  Mark your containers.

2.    One gift (crafts, plants, books, CD’s, etc.) per family for the adult door prize drawing.  Let's include some kid's gifts.  We'll have a separate drawing for them.

3.    Your own drinks if you want something other than coffee and tea.  

4.    Stories - prepare to reminisce and share stories about the past.

5.   Bring your family tree updates for the Edge Directory or email changes to dericks@hughes.net.

6.    Voluntary donation to off set expenses.

 If you have questions or suggestions, contact Ellen Ricks at 210-673-0841.  Please share the reunion date with your family members as I know I do not have everyone’s email or mailing addresses.