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History of the Krause Cemetery

On 29 Nov 1879 John and Anna Krause bought 966 acres of land about one mile east of what would, four years later, become the town of Kendalia. The former owners were Alden and Hattie Baker.

About 1881 the John and Anna moved to the property. The house where they lived still stands today. About 1883 they had a son, Adolph, who died in infancy. He was buried on the property. They also had a daughter who died in infancy, but there is no record of where she was born or where she was buried.

In 1889 Conrad Krause, John's father died and was buried near the grave of Adolph. A little less than four years later John's mother, Juliane, died and was buried next to her husband.

John died in 1925 and his wife, Anna, died in 1939. They were buried next to each other, near John's parents.

A Mexican baby is also buried nearby, but no details are known.