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Edge Falls at Flood Stage

These are pictures taken during the big flood in July of 2002.  You can click on the thumbnails to see a full sized picture.

View from house side of creek. The bridge is under water in the distance.
A view down the creek from the west side of the county road--north of the creek.
Down the creek from county road. Note the fallen telephone line in the distance.
Taken from near old concession stand looking north up power line easement.
Taken from near big cypress tree. Water pouring off side on bluff across from stairs.
Taken from near big cypress tree. Main falls pouring off on top of cypress tree near rock.
Closer view of falls going over cypress tree near rock. The tree really got beat up..
View of the area where the swinging rope is. You can see the rope in the picture.
From top of falls. You can see the water running off the side of bluff in distance (across from stairs.)
Another shot of falls hitting cypress tree near rock. Taken from near big cypress tree.
From top of falls just as it goes over the edge into the canyon.
Another angle of the falls as it plunges into the canyon.
Picture from our front yard. Notice how close the water has gotten to the road..
This picture was taken from near our front door. You can clearly see the creek from here.
Even from in front of the green house you can seen the water at the little falls in the distance.
In this picture taken from the road the creek is seen running behind the green house.
Looking up the road from in front of the green house. Creek can be seen in distance.
From near the old chicken coop water in the creek is very easy to see.
Picture taken from near cattle guard. The water actually got a little higher than this.
A view from top of stairs showing water pouring off the side of the bluff on the other side.
Another view from the top of the stairs. The water came across a field, through the woods and then off the bluff.