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Drought Conditions on 9 Sep 2023
I took these picture on the above date. It appears that, because of the drought and the extreme heat this year, we may lose most, if not all, of the post oak trees in the cemetery. A few months ago we already lost one of the two trees to which the "Edge Cemetery" sign was nailed. The trees normally look like this in late fall, not now. Note: The dead leaves are not falling from the trees.
From Edge Falls Rd bridge looking up the Guadalupe River.
From Edge Falls Rd bridge looking down the Guadalupe River.
Looking down Curry's Creek from the Edge Falls Road bridge.
Tree near Waldeck area.
Tree in Frank Edge area.
Two post oaks in southeast part of cemetery.
In the south part of the cemetery this tree looks very bad.
Two other trees in the south part of the cemetery.
Very big old post oak near the Harwell area.
Another post oak that probably will not survive in the Olenick-Kossl area.

Several dying trees on the western edge of the cemetery.
More sick trees on the west side of the cemetery.