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Area 2 of Kneupper Cemetery

Anna Leistikow was born 21 Jul 1864 in Texas and died in Kendalia, Kendall, Texas on 20 Dec 1944.

She was the daughter of Carl Henry Leistikow and Johanna Troga Leistikow.

In 1881 she married Christian Schmidt. They had six daughters:

Clara Schmidt who married Granville Lafayette Knibbe on 26 Jan 1904;

Donie Schmidt who married Peter John Krause on 3 Nov 1903;

Nora Schmidt who married James Monroe Schneider on 23 Mar 1910 and Franklin Henry Heidrich on 5 Oct 1921;

Lillie Schmidt who married Edgar Heidrich in 1913;

Nellie Schmidt who married Jack Zimmerman; and

Rosabelle Schmidt who married Earl Dolan Edge.


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